Patchwork Keepsake Blanket

Our Patchwork Keepsake blanket is a really lovely way to keep a loved one close or to recreate the memories from memorable clothing items from the past.


People often have very special items that they struggle to part with, It works brilliantly for young ones who have grown out of baby clothes, loved ones that have been lost and also loved ones who are just far away.  


*Please note the blankets do vary in appearance based on the design of clothing we receive, If you do want a specific design or something featured please leave a note within the clothing package you send*

Patchwork Keepsake Blanket

  • Blankets are approximatly 96x144cm. They have a fleece border and backing in a matching colour to the clothing patches.


    You can add a personalised square to the blanket which may contain names, weights, ages or a special quote. The text is available in many different colours and can be any text you like. We will print the text exactly as you write it in the box so please check all spelling.

    Please fill out the personalised text section and colour before checkout.


    As a guide we require 10-20 peices of adult clothing or 20 - 30 peices of baby clothing to create a memorabe patchwork blanket.

    The material composition and washing instructions will differ depending on the clothing items sent in. Therefore we can not give any advice or take any responsibilty for the washing and care of the cushion.