Keepsake Tie Cushion

Our Keepsake tie cushion is a really lovely way to keep a loved one close. The Keepsake Tie cushions are made from a number of ties to create a 52x32cm cushion with a plain cotton back in a matching colour.


*Please note the product does vary in appearence depending on what items are sent in*

Keepsake Tie Cushion

  • Cushions are 52x32cm. The price above includes the custom made cushion cover with zip fastening as well as the inside cushion pad.

    ​We require 6 - 9 ties to make this cushion!

    The material composition and washing instructions are exactly the same as the item you send us, we do try to put the original clothing labels back in the cushion to remind you of these but in some cases the labels are worn away so please keep this in mind.